Perhaps there will be moments to share on my new WordPress app. I need now wait until I’m on my PC just type away on a phone or tablet those musings I fear forgetting. 🙂 


Cop out

Sometimes I find Google to be a cop-out. It’s a very nifty service that does far more than searching on the world wide web. You can find everything via Google, some things however you have to find out the hard way.

On this blog I would like to find information to share on virginity. It’s a fascinating subject and it’s the life I have now that I want to live with more than ever. Most importantly it’s something I want to live without.

The last thing tonight that I’ve googled, how to put in a good word for a friend so he can have a job. Why is this worth googling when you can just do it?

Now to bring this full circle, the past year has been amazing. First I finally found a job away from the minimum wage job I had been working for several years. Then got some work done on my teeth which means greater comfort in smiling – and not smiting people with the awful smile I’ve had for so many years. Then lost a job only to regain another one in the new year.

So for the first time in a while things are looking up for me and let’s keep it that way. Now the next issue is getting myself out there and hope the women take notice.

This blog may be about complaining but it will be about improvement in a variety of ways. Perhaps socially but certainly in other ways as well.

BTW, I don’t need Google for that!


Using my dating app on my phone so far I have three “crushes”. One was basically unprovoked although in her case she might’ve blocked me because I no longer am able to access her profile. The other three were but some strategic “charms”.

Since I started using that feature I’ve been sending “charms” to many different women of various ages mostling 22 to maybe 38. So far I’ve found some women in their 20s who have “crushes” which is flattering since I’m already in my 30s. Both are cute women, but again it’s all a matter of starting a convo and seeing where this can go.

Then I can talk more about progress with that….

On the other hand….

I got off work and got on the train and this young lady who work in a department next to mine got on my train as well. So it looked at first that she was on the other end of the car away from me. I’m like well at least this way I won’t make it too obvious that my eyes are on her. I’ll just be engrossed on my phone as it so happens often on my commute.

Instead she got closer to me and sat across from me. My intention was to not make obvious that my eyes were on her as they were because they’re often on her at work. She’s a real cutie, but I’ve decided to not really mess with the women at work. Being friendly is important, but romance got to keep it away from my worklife.

I’m pretty sure she knows who I am although as my mind runs it was easy to make it about me. It may not have been as she never looked in my direction during the ride, at least she didn’t make it obvious if she did. She had been just as engrossed in her phone as I.

Alas I was very unwilling to strike up a convo, but as it so happens there’s a way to really open that up. It can always start with “Hey I had no idea you rode the same train as me”.

We’ll see how this goes and it’s not like we’re getting engaged or anything…


When I arrived home to check on this blog feedjit showed someone from Venezuela visited this blog. Then I thought well what brought them here.

I wouldn’t have minded if this blog went viral, but never imagined getting an international visitor already. It would be funny to think this blog has the ability to go global in some way. In the meanwhile it’s more important to build an audience who wants to read about a virgin.

So far I’m not sure who the audience would be yet. Hopefully it could be a variety of people who are also older virgins who have some hardluck about finding a mate. Or just people who just like good storytelling or good writing.

I’m not sure how far away I am from both, but it’ll be a fun journey until the blog name is no longer “Feeling no love”. BTW, what brought this visitor from Venezuela here?


I took down a post today because a friend suggested that I rewrite it. So it’ll have to wait until later to be seen or rewritten. In the meanwhile there are other posts that are in the pipeline just waiting to see the light of day.

Sometimes essays have to be close to perfect before ready for public consumption. That definitely takes time, but at least I don’t have solid deadlines or anything like that.


I had said that I chose to abstain from sex when I was young. It was not my goal back then to have children without knowing what I would do with the rest of my life. Of course at this point I still haven’t entirely figured it out other than finally finishing college after many years of struggle.

Also just as stated earlier there wasn’t a huge religious basis for my abstinence. It seems right to not to having sex before marriage. It also seems right to not consider having sex unless you know for sure that it’s what you want to do and you’re sure about the person you want to do it with.

BTW, my belief is that when students in school learn sex education not only should they learn about condoms or protection they should also learn about abstinence. I would hope that the adults around them have enough faith in them to make their own choices about sex.

Also I’ve abstained from alcohol because of the effects seen first hand. That’s not to say I’ve never had a drink, however, my goal remain to stay away from alcohol. It’s not in my best interest to become an alcoholic.

That being said it’s highly unlikely that I will be going to any bars anytime soon. OK maybe go to a brewpub just for something different but that’s probably all. Probably any other venues that serve alcohol, although it’s highly unlikely that I’d order a drink.

I’d hate to think that not wanting alcohol is the reason why I’ve never had any relations with a woman, but at this point this is just grasping at straws. We shall uncover the real reasons…