No I’m not religious. I do however believe in God, and consider myself a Christian. At the same time I’m not the type who goes to church every Sunday or consistently read the bible. I never was.

Perhaps at one point in my life my virginity was framed in a religious way. Now not so much as it seems I’m not actually a practicing Christian.

My virginity though has been a long held choice although it’s gone on much longer than I thought it would. It seems like I’m unwilling, but it’s mostly a choice.

I’ve decided to save myself the trouble of STDs or unwanted pregnancy by abstaining. It has worked although I still chose to not have much experience with women. Especially dating wise and this is something I regret now. Still I don’t regret that choice at all!

Consider this one of the positive choices I made early on. Such as abstaining from alcohol or tobacco for example.


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