I’ve decided that no punches will be pulled on this blog. There are some things that are worth talking about on the subject of virginity. How did I get into this position being mid thirties and never really dated?

Of course that’s not to say that I haven’t had women who were interested or at least I had been interested in. It just never happened for whatever reason and it’s something (the relationship & virginity) that I’ve simply decided should change before my 40th birthday. Unfortunately that landmark isn’t too far away so it’s time to make some necessary changes.

Therapy is one route to go. It might be that there’s something I’ve been doing to turn off women especially the young ones. It may be possible some give me the vibes and I purposely miss those vibes. And perhaps the women who have pursued me have little idea what they were doing as I have.

When it comes to courtship, I feel that boldness might be my style. However, it’s always something that could backfire. Supposing being bold means really letting a girl know that you want to go out with her. THe wrong type of boldness is certainly making a play for “intercourse”.

All the same there are stories worth telling here and hope to share. Being a virgin isn’t a problem the problem is never experiencing a relationship with a woman.


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