The outlet used for attracting the attention of women was Facebook. When poking appeared to be the primary way of attracting that attention I used it and was successful. My fb list was full of women I hadn’t met and I kept it within a certain circle such as school.

I wanted the attention of women with whom attended college in the same area I had. Eventually I focused on women in my hometown and in some cases I focused on women I went to elementary and high school with.

By the time I started using fb my focus was largely on the young girls still in college. At that point I was somewhat older than some and was concerned that this could be a major issue. OF course I never attempted to actually explore that as I really want to now.

I rarely spoke to these young women and a precious few expressed far more interest over the years than I was willing to truly reciprocate. Most of the time I would message with merely safe comments although sometimes that wasn’t a safe bet. Tried not leave the messages too thick although sometimes it didn’t seem to matter, especially if she already had no interest in me anyway.

I ran into a lot of “do i know you” messages when I was attempting to initiate contact. I’ve realized that in general my answer to that doesn’t matter. They probably didn’t want to talk to me anyway. There were certainly a few “why are you sending me messages” sent as well.

Lately I’ve downloaded an app which allows to me to connect with women who are in the vicinity of my smartphone. Even attracted the interest of one girl and has been deemed a crush which in this case is mutual. Haven’t decided whether or not I wanted to chat, but worth a try just hope that I can maintain her interest.


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