I’ve realized that there needs to be a social outlet. Not sure what that should be, I’m comfortable talking to a woman at least in a professional setting – for example as a customer seeking a product and a cute sales associate helps me out. Probably won’t even be comfortable just stopping a woman on the street and talking to her.

My thoughts have turned to learning how to be a performer. Perhaps consider taking some improv classes. Not that I’m naive enough to think that I could be a very funny comedian, but it’s something on my mind. Question is whether or not I could meet someone that way.

You they say it’s harder after college to actually date and I’m learning more and more it’s correct. Other than going to a bar or club how does one meet women/ Available women are everywhere, how can a man meet with one other than at least social networking and online dating. Of course in the pre-internet era how did men and women do it?

Sometimes I’ve considered going back to school. Lately law school has been my focus or graduate school is OK as well. While it’s somewhat different than being an undergrad, perhaps there would be plenty of opportunity to find a compatible mate. Hopefully she’s not too busy to turn down a man who wants to be with her.

Got to figure out how to circulate amongst the women in Chicago or anywhere…


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