I had said that I chose to abstain from sex when I was young. It was not my goal back then to have children without knowing what I would do with the rest of my life. Of course at this point I still haven’t entirely figured it out other than finally finishing college after many years of struggle.

Also just as stated earlier there wasn’t a huge religious basis for my abstinence. It seems right to not to having sex before marriage. It also seems right to not consider having sex unless you know for sure that it’s what you want to do and you’re sure about the person you want to do it with.

BTW, my belief is that when students in school learn sex education not only should they learn about condoms or protection they should also learn about abstinence. I would hope that the adults around them have enough faith in them to make their own choices about sex.

Also I’ve abstained from alcohol because of the effects seen first hand. That’s not to say I’ve never had a drink, however, my goal remain to stay away from alcohol. It’s not in my best interest to become an alcoholic.

That being said it’s highly unlikely that I will be going to any bars anytime soon. OK maybe go to a brewpub just for something different but that’s probably all. Probably any other venues that serve alcohol, although it’s highly unlikely that I’d order a drink.

I’d hate to think that not wanting alcohol is the reason why I’ve never had any relations with a woman, but at this point this is just grasping at straws. We shall uncover the real reasons…


2 thoughts on “Abstain

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