Cop out

Sometimes I find Google to be a cop-out. It’s a very nifty service that does far more than searching on the world wide web. You can find everything via Google, some things however you have to find out the hard way.

On this blog I would like to find information to share on virginity. It’s a fascinating subject and it’s the life I have now that I want to live with more than ever. Most importantly it’s something I want to live without.

The last thing tonight that I’ve googled, how to put in a good word for a friend so he can have a job. Why is this worth googling when you can just do it?

Now to bring this full circle, the past year has been amazing. First I finally found a job away from the minimum wage job I had been working for several years. Then got some work done on my teeth which means greater comfort in smiling – and not smiting people with the awful smile I’ve had for so many years. Then lost a job only to regain another one in the new year.

So for the first time in a while things are looking up for me and let’s keep it that way. Now the next issue is getting myself out there and hope the women take notice.

This blog may be about complaining but it will be about improvement in a variety of ways. Perhaps socially but certainly in other ways as well.

BTW, I don’t need Google for that!


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