After a good period of time attempting to land a new job last year I finally got a job offer. The first 9 months of last year proved to be very frustrating because I had been ready to leave my longtime minimum wage job. Then all the sudden it finally happened!

Unfortunately that job proved to be less than a rousing success. It didn’t take long for me to realize I wasn’t a good fit and ultimately I started applying to jobs again. Then it finally happened my firing….

The day it happened it was snowing when I got there and it still was when I left after almost half an hour. I hopped on a bus home, called up the HR person at another job I had been interested in to check the status of an application. Then decided it’s just early enough to get back out there.

Decided to go out and catch a show that day. No sense being depressed at home I’m still getting paid for that day. Get out and amuse myself and do the one thing I’ve always enjoyed doing.

And after all this even months after the fact I choose to look at some of these events like this. The past year has been interesting because a lot of major changes occurred.

My longtime job where I had been paid nothing more than minimum wage was at an end. Finally landed a job offer years after trying to find another job.

Also I finally got started doing some dental work. I was not confident about my smile at one point, but now that’s fixed and some of my coworkers noticed the difference. I’m more confident about my smile now more than ever.

After the setback last year I landed an interview and after a month unemployed found another job. Been doing very well too and at a good company and learning the lessons of the past. Trying to build a better future for myself.

Leaving a place that I often thought of as sh*tty proved to be the beginning. The next job proved to be intermediate, but the next opportunity after that turned out to be a great one. Certainly the best is yet to come!


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