A few nights ago at work when it was quitting time, a couple of young women were dressed as if they were going to party. One of those women had been the one I saw on the train. Sat close enough I could’ve talked to her, but chose not to do so.

She wore the most revealing outfit showing a lot of skin wearing a pair of short shorts. I get vibes from her anyway, but at least I’m somewhat old enough to not fall for what attracts me to her. That is if it’s her body and that’s all it’s bound to be a very bad idea.

I’ve seem to have the ability to develop secret crushes often without realizing them. I move too slow and she’s with someone. Sometimes when I do it doesn’t work out at all. In this case well, it may not be a good idea to slip this note into her locker, probably being bold is better.

I apologize in advance if this is any disrespect to you and my guarantee that this would be the only note I shall send to you. I don’t know how to approach you which is a shame because you’re seemingly very approachable. To be sure I’d be very mortified and ecstatic if you were to discover my identity. Wouldn’t be sure what to do next if it were to happen, but hopefully it does and goes from there.

That being said, I can be a worrier at times. Slipping this note might make her curious at best although she may not be interested in playing detective. At worst she could always run to mgmt. Err on the side of caution…

Although for now, I think her presentation may well have just helped me to decided to not engage in that action for the moment.


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