keep-calm-and-be-anti-social-2I’ve never understood that term as it seems to denote something far worse than merely shunning social situations. In social science, I’ve learned how people are gregarious by nature although at times we find out how not very gregarious we are. There are definitely times I’m not very gregarious.

It could be noted that I consider myself very shy and often quiet. Not always though as I have my moments, but for the most part I don’t always enjoy social situations. I’m often not seeking to become the center of attention.

That’s not to say I don’t have things going for myself. Still there have been opportunity with women in school or at work and for whatever reason I had been oblivious. Mostly I’ve been ignorant in some cases I kept blowing her off either clueless about her interest or very uninterested in her. In some cases I may have engaged in some sarcastic behavior that she didn’t respond very well to and found myself on her unwritten sh*tlist.

When it comes to work what happens with some of the woman at a past job is that their immaturity makes some of these things into major issues that they can’t get past. A lot of it was me being me and they didn’t respond well to it and go from there. It may have salvageable I’m sure but ultimately it’s possible that they may not have been the ones for me anyway.

The people who have accused me of being anti-social the most have been family. There are people who I’m related to who I have purposely kept my distance from. They can’t understand because they have their own expectations, but there are reasons. Some again likely relate to some of my quirks that they don’t understand and I get judged quickly.

I also realize that if this continues and she – the girl who I expect to date in the future – realized that my relations aren’t always that thrilled with me then hey it may make it very difficult for me to forge relationships with a woman. If interest means that so many people care so much about you and find that some in my family may not feel that way about me, then here comes the problems.

Then again, does one have time to mend relationships with those who doesn’t appreciate you for who you are?

2 thoughts on “Anti-social

  1. You know, your lack of experience dating and getting along with women will hurt you in a relationship should you jump into one.

    And for the first paragraph, try Gregorian chants 😛

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