6a00d8341d4dc653ef0154347edeff970c-500wiOne of the mistakes that I’ve made with women is not moving. Let’s say initially it appears she’s feeling me, however, I don’t keep moving in a direction where she definitely knows I’m interested and take the time to make something happen with her. Then she’ll only move on to someone else who’ll give her the attention she needs.

Believe it or not I recognize that this is what happens most of the time with me. If a woman was aggressive with her interest and I fail to reciprocate I get judge quick by her. Now sometimes it’s a matter of freezing up and rarer it’s a matter of no interest.

I could probably also count on one hand those women who gave me those like vibes only for them to move on to other guys. That or perhaps they were just friendly but never took the time to see if there was anything there for me romantically or otherwise.

Those are some stories I’d like to tell more of one day. In some cases I’d have to go way back and tell them.

These are some stories I’d tell one day that means we’ll be going much further back in time than ever before.


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