frustrationThis post could be about me being sexually frustrated. Nope it’s about work and this time last year I had been frustrated. Me and a friend of mine hit on this earlier today as I told him about my raise at work.

Before putting in my notice at that last job last year there was a team meeting and the management stated that they were expecting minimum wage to go up. So in discussing wages, this was their answer and it had been stagnant at the then minimum for years. Then after that meeting found another job and got out of there.

This idea of a raise and getting one has me stoked it never happened at my last long term job. Another consideration was that many of the jobs I’ve had were either temporary or long-term and hovering around minimum wage. To make more money it was necessary to change jobs make an extra quarter there, another dollar here, and then lose a quarter there.

At this point last year I was frustrated then came 2015 and even then it hadn’t been off to a great start. Then things started to progress for me at this point. Now I’m no longer frustrated about work….

At this point it’s time to move on to other frustrations…

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