1301006255542685616open door-mdThe young woman who I’ve been working with for most of the spring and summer is moving on. I wrote about her in the post about the hug. Not a dramatic hug as depicted in there just a simple friendly hug that I took at one of her last days with us. No over thinking here and she knew this is what I wanted since when was the next time I’d get the chance.

Also I wrote about another young lady I work with on two separate occasions. She works in a different department from me, very friendly giggly and has the body. I wrote not long ago that she somehow gives me the crazy vibe.

Tonight was different somehow…. At the job being a good coworker is the key thing, that means don’t dirty up an area someone just cleaned. So she approached me about her area and being forced to clean up at the end of the night where they’re ready to go home. And I consider that we have on some level sent some debris to their area to keep ours clean.

Surely I wasn’t at the center of it as I would never sent any trash to their department if I can help it. So she approached me on it. It’s not often she comes to me for anything and we rarely speak to each other. Perhaps something that should change although I also wrote about slipping a anonymous note in her locker.

At the end of the night even if we’ve cleaned out our area I found the opportunity to do as much sweeping as I could back towards our area and throw it away to be a good coworker. That’s even though we don’t really work in the same department, just in the same vicinity.

Either way I only promised her to do my part as I’m sure I wasn’t responsible for all of it and she made clear she wasn’t attempting to go on the attack as some can. She didn’t see all that I attempted to do at the end of the night but she saw me sweeping and thanked me. So perhaps I’m on her good side for the moment.

Now the virgin in me starts to wonder….is this an opening?


2 thoughts on “Opening?

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