workpunchin-599x400I recall last year that I spoke to a younger coworker at my then job at the cinema. He wasn’t too happy with the response of a coworker asking about when our theater was ready for seating. He asked about why people do what they do.

We both shared on some level our frustrations with our then employer. We weren’t making any money and we had not much to gain by staying but a paycheck. Then I came up with a profound answer although I’m not entirely certain I answered his question.

When I left the cinema my next job was at a bank. If I had been miserable at the cinema as time went on it turns out I’d be more miserable at the bank immediately. It occurred to me how comfortable I had been at the theater.

It had been said by others who had worked with me and have ran into or kept in touch with. What they based their opinion on, hard to say only they know. What they know was that they’d check on me and see that I’m still at the cinema. What they never realize was that I was frustrated because I was having difficultly getting out because no job was coming my way in spite of the many interviews I had.

So anyway I was definitely griping about my then current job and no prospects were coming my way. Sometimes the actions of others whether bosses or coworkers you can’t control, but one reason for my frustration was certainly their actions. They wanted to do what they wanted to do and get on top of what they wanted to. One thing they never really got on top of was what I call sniping, coworkers telling management about other coworkers. They never seemed to discourage that and fellow employees did it quite blatantly.

Regardless at some point my decision was to leave and it helped that many of the better workers started leaving. If they were worth more than minimum wage they realized it wasn’t worth sticking around and that was true for me as well.

My profound point made to my young coworker is that if you want to continue to get away with some of the activities that’s been going on there, stay there. Stay there and not get much out of it other than you’re getting away with things. Anywhere else and it won’t be long before they get you out of there because it’s not so easy to get away with them.

To be sure my experience at the cinema I haven’t exactly gotten out of my system. I may continue talking about it for a while even if it doesn’t matter anymore. If nothing else if I ever get a management role I know what to do to find ways to keep people happy. Not that everything has been hashed out in my mind, but it’s something I’m interested in and yet have little experience with it.

Not long before I finally let my job my young coworker found his way out. He kept the job for a while but really stopped caring about coming on time. Eventually he stopped coming in, and seemingly he followed one piece of advice. You found another job go ahead and quit! Especially if you began to dislike the job you already have.


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