To like or not

how-to-add-facebook-like-button-to-blogger-postsI’ve never entirely gotten a handle on the whole liking thing. My experience with liking is that either a woman likes you or she doesn’t. While you may have decided that you do she may be talking to you on a friendly basis and already made her decision based on whatever she thinks she’s looking for.

Sadly it has happened to me more times than once and most of the time with disastrous consequences. This are things that I have mostly sought to learn from even though it is often very difficult. Perhaps in those cases the women weren’t for me.

As a man there are women I’ve already decided are attractive enough for me to like in some way especially romantically. I can also decide well I shouldn’t mess with her she has a boyfriend or she gives me the crazy vibe I shouldn’t. Bottom line is that believe me I have been caught looking.

Of course the issue is whether or not it’s worth going for it. Cold approaching women will always be difficult for me, I could be used to talking to women whom are coworkers or fellow students. And of course they’re looking for who they’re looking for, but the challenge is becoming or changing what they think they want in a man.

One night I saw a semi debate over dating websites. It was in the news recently that a site that allows singles or perhaps people in relationships to engage in affairs with other singes or others in relationships had been hacked. The thing about these sites is that well they definitely enable people who wish to be in a relationship to find someone so that they can.

I’ve found this more comfortable although granted you can be seeing a representation of what anyone views themselves. All the same, I found electronic means even if it’s just a social media website as more comfortable than cold approaching. In other words cold-approaching online instead of in person on the streets.

I suppose the question I need to consider is how do I take these various approaches to the next level. How can it ultimately become the one thing I have been looking for? Which is a relationship especially a romantic relationship that leads to sex?


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