The return

Machine-Gun-Kelly-The-Return-Video-Music-Official-WatchThree times I went back to my old longtime stomping grounds and each time it seemed I came back as a legend. Of course there are those who for whatever reason didn’t care for me. I made some enemies (thankfully most of them left by the time I finally left) and mostly during a period where I was most frustrated. And they made it worse because they made it about them when it really wasn’t. That’s what happens when you work with young people.

All the same I told many of my ex-coworkers where I work now. And tell them how much I make and the benefits my hours and all that. My hope is to encourage them and maybe they may apply to my workplace and I help them get on.

Another coworker asked if I’d be interested in coming back. My only answer is that the price is high. Not money just if you want me back promote me. That simple it’s what I wanted while there but made the mistake of hoping they’d notice with no prodding on my part.

Later joked to my coworker whom I’m still in contact with there who got promoted about me becoming a GM there. That idea gives me giggles and would be a change from the place as it is now – at least for him. In his opinion it’s much worse since I left, especially with new managers and their quirks and a lack of planning in some areas.

Another manager asked strangely enough about people showing me up. He probably knows it had been an issue for me when I was there. All I can say is that people like that are everywhere and there isn’t much you can do about it other than play the game to shut them up. I’ve told one story about such a person and when that manager asked that question that was who I had in mind.

This was something of a formative experience and admitted that as much as I had wanted to leave I’m on the outside looking in. It’s very hilarious to me now as it’s unfathomable that this would be my mindset.

Leaving this job was a great unknown for me however it was unquestionably the best decision I have made. While the job I left for initially hadn’t worked out, I still found myself in a better position now than at this time a year ago. Leaving this place was in part the end of my frustration.

BTW, another young ex-coworker of mine hope to break my record. I made it to almost 5 or so years with almost no break there. Most people crash & burn ( get fired or quit) or just find something better. Finding something better is always good but the crash and burn how do explain that to future potential employers?



31zmpVVq5SLI admitted to a coworker fairly recently that while attempting to sidestep the idea of being a virgin that I consider myself celibate. It’s sort of the truth even if well it’s involuntary in some respects.

I wrote once about my choice to largely abstain from sex. Of course as it turns out I abstained from relations of any type with a woman for a significant time. Either way celibacy and abstinence has proven to work out for me in the long run.

I’m probably somewhat better off without being involved with a woman who may not be a good fit for me. Definitely better off without children running around and no way to truly take care of them. Perhaps even the baby mama drama that may come with that.

My personal philosophy is that people should wait for sex. Could be anything a life milestone, money, the right person to do it with. Bottom line is that sex need not be given out as if it’s candy.

That being said the coworker I’m sure has picked up on my lack of experience with women. When we started periodically getting extra money on our paychecks he sort of paused when I told him my response to one of our female supervisors. After saying he wanted to spend his extra money on her she loved it.

My response to her same question was after indicating that I’d save some of it. I mentioned going to Las Vegas which she seemed to like even if it wasn’t entirely serious. Well sorry I had to come up with something and his thought was that I could’ve done better than that. Instead of making it about me, I have to make it about her.

I also told him I was interested in Ms. Crazy Vibe. While at first in an inebriated state he said he’d arrange something later on that response became I can’t handle her. We both agreed there is some crazy in her…it must be the gray eyes she has.

So now I’ve come up with two different terms for my “condition” as it were. Other than calling myself a virgin I’m either a person who believes in abstinence or I’m celibate. Perhaps there’s another term to add which hopefully will be discussed later.


nothing-012I had been using a dating app more & more in recent months and even added a photo of myself it’s the one thing I hesitated about. It was more than time to do that and after some initial interests it seems no further activity.

Perhaps some of the women who express interest back off from me for some reason. Perhaps I said the wrong things in my introduction. Perhaps it’s a matter of sending the right signals of why I’m using a dating app. Then of course another problem how to go past the initial introduction to hopefully a date or eventually relationship.

Either way, one way to solve the problem is to try another dating site. A friend of mine kept worrying me at one point about such a dating site until he stopped. Basically, I wasn’t showing much interest in the site and came up with so many excuses as to why I wasn’t interested.

Perhaps I’ll try again but only as an experiment to see what I can do with it. Would it be far more than on the dating app I’m using now.

Women @ work

workplace-health-promotionSometimes I find myself liking some of the women I work with. For example, the girl I shall call Hugs for obvious reasons. Then there’s the Crazy Vibe girl who works in another department. Then the girl whom I mentioned who seems to have an interest in wrestling.

Let’s talking about the Wrestling Girl for a second. I started getting the vibes that she likes me, of course in what way I have no idea yet. Whatever vibes received now it’s causing me to wonder if she does like me and if she might be worth pursuing.

To be sure, this is iffy as I work with her often so it could be trouble if anything ever happened. Part of me wants to keep it at a distance. I seem to vibe with her well so if any moves were made it might work out for me.

I suppose what I have to decide is my own motives with her. Is it just sex or should there be some real romance involved? Whatever my motives we should be on the same page with what either of us wants with each other.

While I decide that I’ve just decided the next time we work together offer her my e-mail so that we can find each other on FB and go from there. Of course if we start the whole flirting process, it’s important to avoid a “paper trail”. šŸ˜‰


HobbiesI talk often about work and my history regarding lack of romantic relationships it’s no often that I talk about the many things in which I take pleasure. I have many hobbies but sadly no one to truly share them with.

I’m not a big sports fan, but I do want to take in some games. I would like to see the Blackhawks play although I know they’re the hottest show in town right now and that means tickets would be expensive. Perhaps return to watch an NBA game with the Bulls. I definitely have been keen on seeing the Cubs or White Sox and took in a game within the past year and want to do that more.

A young lady at work found out that I was into wrestling and had discussed with me some of the recent news in pro-wrestling. Even asked if I had seen the latest WWE ppv. Alas on that day I was at work so I couldn’t watch anyway.

A recent post on another blog – also written by a male virgin – got me to thinking. It’s time I travel some more, just need an excuse to get out of the windy city. Since I’ve started working long-term, it’s not often that I take trips out of town. Probably only twice within the past five years with the last time being an overnight trip while unemployed.

Also another thing I take pleasure in is movies. I’m a huge fan of genre films whether spies, outer space, or comic books. I promise a woman who is willing to go with me to a genre film is going to get kissed and hopefully she sees it coming!

Speaking of travel I have never flown before in my life and if my significant other is ever into traveling by flight sh should know how I’d squeeze her hand as we take off. Although to be sure if I ever fly I’m not sure how I’d respond.

Just as easily if she knows that I would rather take a train then hopefully she’d share that experience with me. It would be cool if we both were in first class with a sleeper berth especially on a more than overnight trip. So many places to go and hopefully someone to share that experience.

Of course there are other hobbies I enjoy, but then are they conducive to sharing with a woman. I could note I would like to get back into model railroading, but who knows how a woman would feel about a man who still plays with toy trains.

Dismissal and rebound

pink-slip-hollywood-journalOften I like to look at my work career here on this blog. One of the first times I did it, it was regarding how I arrived at my current job. It happened after a firing and a brief period of unemployment.

You’re reading the blog of a guy who for most of his 30s had been gainfully employed because unlike his 20s most of his job experience was as a result of temporary jobs that rarely lasted more than 2 or more weeks. Even if the first long term job I’ve ever held wasn’t in keeping with the fact that I earned a college degree it was something that gave me money for the first time in a long time.

That being said, often if I were to talk about my experience at that job you may decide that I haven’t gotten it out of my system. You’d be right I haven’t, I complain about a place where I no longer work and it was bad not just because of management but also employees. Of course in situations such as this blame could go around to management, coworkers, or even myself.

That being said the next job I held which was at a financial institution turned out to be a bad fit in spite of the fact that it would be a significant raise it was a change from what I had been doing. Indeed it proved to be a more grown job than the one I had held at a cinema.

I won’t go into details as to what happened at the financial institution other than tardiness, but my head definitely wasn’t in the game. Some of the people I worked with there I felt great talking with, others however there was some distance. If it happens early as it had for the month-plus I had been there consider it a wrap.

My last day there, I didn’t want to get out of the bed that morning. The routine of going to work there whether I had started early or later was often a dreaded prospect. So I laid around until I knew it was time for work got ready and by the time I left the house I was already cutting it close and tardiness was once issue they kept going back to.

Basically by the time I arrive at work it may have been about a minute and not long before it was time to open the doors. After a brief huddle before the work day I got pulled into the office to hear the bad news. It was upsetting and while already preparing for that possibility at least another interview was in the pipeline for the next day.

Regardless, I went back out in the show and some man on the street started talking to me and noted that I looked like I chose the wrong day to get out in the elements. On this day it had been snowing which likely contributed to me getting there late anyway after less than half an hour I was back in the snow. Although since at this point the job was a short distance from home it wasn’t a long trip on public transit to get home.

When I did, it was no more than 9:30 and me working kind of got thrown out the window. New territory for me losing a job – before then the issue was not getting a job or not calling back jobs who were looking to interview me. Then I realized, my management told me that I was still getting paid for that day.

After calling a job I had been interesting in working at – another cinema incidentally – I decided there was no need to stay home depressed. BTW, this cinema gave me a speech about how many applications they receive however the hiring manager gave me some hope by putting my app through (whatever that means). It was all a matter of waiting still as they weren’t hiring at all.

Through my eyes, I had no idea when the next job was coming. It took time to leave the cinema in the first place more time than I cared to even spend but finally accomplished that goal by the end of the year.

I saw two movies that day and probably had lunch before going to the place I had just called about my application. While there I told my mother the bad news, she wanted this opportunity to work out for me and it hadn’t. She knew I was starting not to really like it so perhaps it was no surprise to her that this happened.

To conclude, I won’t say losing this job was the worst or best thing that ever happened. It helped make much more possible for me to find the next job that proved to be a better fit. At least I had been prepared for the eventuality of losing a job, but setting up the possibility with a phone call here and an interview there where in less than a month I will be employed again.