HobbiesI talk often about work and my history regarding lack of romantic relationships it’s no often that I talk about the many things in which I take pleasure. I have many hobbies but sadly no one to truly share them with.

I’m not a big sports fan, but I do want to take in some games. I would like to see the Blackhawks play although I know they’re the hottest show in town right now and that means tickets would be expensive. Perhaps return to watch an NBA game with the Bulls. I definitely have been keen on seeing the Cubs or White Sox and took in a game within the past year and want to do that more.

A young lady at work found out that I was into wrestling and had discussed with me some of the recent news in pro-wrestling. Even asked if I had seen the latest WWE ppv. Alas on that day I was at work so I couldn’t watch anyway.

A recent post on another blog – also written by a male virgin – got me to thinking. It’s time I travel some more, just need an excuse to get out of the windy city. Since I’ve started working long-term, it’s not often that I take trips out of town. Probably only twice within the past five years with the last time being an overnight trip while unemployed.

Also another thing I take pleasure in is movies. I’m a huge fan of genre films whether spies, outer space, or comic books. I promise a woman who is willing to go with me to a genre film is going to get kissed and hopefully she sees it coming!

Speaking of travel I have never flown before in my life and if my significant other is ever into traveling by flight sh should know how I’d squeeze her hand as we take off. Although to be sure if I ever fly I’m not sure how I’d respond.

Just as easily if she knows that I would rather take a train then hopefully she’d share that experience with me. It would be cool if we both were in first class with a sleeper berth especially on a more than overnight trip. So many places to go and hopefully someone to share that experience.

Of course there are other hobbies I enjoy, but then are they conducive to sharing with a woman. I could note I would like to get back into model railroading, but who knows how a woman would feel about a man who still plays with toy trains.


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