Women @ work

workplace-health-promotionSometimes I find myself liking some of the women I work with. For example, the girl I shall call Hugs for obvious reasons. Then there’s the Crazy Vibe girl who works in another department. Then the girl whom I mentioned who seems to have an interest in wrestling.

Let’s talking about the Wrestling Girl for a second. I started getting the vibes that she likes me, of course in what way I have no idea yet. Whatever vibes received now it’s causing me to wonder if she does like me and if she might be worth pursuing.

To be sure, this is iffy as I work with her often so it could be trouble if anything ever happened. Part of me wants to keep it at a distance. I seem to vibe with her well so if any moves were made it might work out for me.

I suppose what I have to decide is my own motives with her. Is it just sex or should there be some real romance involved? Whatever my motives we should be on the same page with what either of us wants with each other.

While I decide that I’ve just decided the next time we work together offer her my e-mail so that we can find each other on FB and go from there. Of course if we start the whole flirting process, it’s important to avoid a “paper trail”. 😉


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