31zmpVVq5SLI admitted to a coworker fairly recently that while attempting to sidestep the idea of being a virgin that I consider myself celibate. It’s sort of the truth even if well it’s involuntary in some respects.

I wrote once about my choice to largely abstain from sex. Of course as it turns out I abstained from relations of any type with a woman for a significant time. Either way celibacy and abstinence has proven to work out for me in the long run.

I’m probably somewhat better off without being involved with a woman who may not be a good fit for me. Definitely better off without children running around and no way to truly take care of them. Perhaps even the baby mama drama that may come with that.

My personal philosophy is that people should wait for sex. Could be anything a life milestone, money, the right person to do it with. Bottom line is that sex need not be given out as if it’s candy.

That being said the coworker I’m sure has picked up on my lack of experience with women. When we started periodically getting extra money on our paychecks he sort of paused when I told him my response to one of our female supervisors. After saying he wanted to spend his extra money on her she loved it.

My response to her same question was after indicating that I’d save some of it. I mentioned going to Las Vegas which she seemed to like even if it wasn’t entirely serious. Well sorry I had to come up with something and his thought was that I could’ve done better than that. Instead of making it about me, I have to make it about her.

I also told him I was interested in Ms. Crazy Vibe. While at first in an inebriated state he said he’d arrange something later on that response became I can’t handle her. We both agreed there is some crazy in her…it must be the gray eyes she has.

So now I’ve come up with two different terms for my “condition” as it were. Other than calling myself a virgin I’m either a person who believes in abstinence or I’m celibate. Perhaps there’s another term to add which hopefully will be discussed later.


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