The return

Machine-Gun-Kelly-The-Return-Video-Music-Official-WatchThree times I went back to my old longtime stomping grounds and each time it seemed I came back as a legend. Of course there are those who for whatever reason didn’t care for me. I made some enemies (thankfully most of them left by the time I finally left) and mostly during a period where I was most frustrated. And they made it worse because they made it about them when it really wasn’t. That’s what happens when you work with young people.

All the same I told many of my ex-coworkers where I work now. And tell them how much I make and the benefits my hours and all that. My hope is to encourage them and maybe they may apply to my workplace and I help them get on.

Another coworker asked if I’d be interested in coming back. My only answer is that the price is high. Not money just if you want me back promote me. That simple it’s what I wanted while there but made the mistake of hoping they’d notice with no prodding on my part.

Later joked to my coworker whom I’m still in contact with there who got promoted about me becoming a GM there. That idea gives me giggles and would be a change from the place as it is now – at least for him. In his opinion it’s much worse since I left, especially with new managers and their quirks and a lack of planning in some areas.

Another manager asked strangely enough about people showing me up. He probably knows it had been an issue for me when I was there. All I can say is that people like that are everywhere and there isn’t much you can do about it other than play the game to shut them up. I’ve told one story about such a person and when that manager asked that question that was who I had in mind.

This was something of a formative experience and admitted that as much as I had wanted to leave I’m on the outside looking in. It’s very hilarious to me now as it’s unfathomable that this would be my mindset.

Leaving this job was a great unknown for me however it was unquestionably the best decision I have made. While the job I left for initially hadn’t worked out, I still found myself in a better position now than at this time a year ago. Leaving this place was in part the end of my frustration.

BTW, another young ex-coworker of mine hope to break my record. I made it to almost 5 or so years with almost no break there. Most people crash & burn ( get fired or quit) or just find something better. Finding something better is always good but the crash and burn how do explain that to future potential employers?


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