milestonesSo this month marks two milestones. The main milestone was that I left my dead end job at the cinema in the hopes of making more money and greater occupational growth. The other milestone involved the dental work I need to do and that involved numbing and pulling teeth.

Perhaps this time next year I can talk about another milestone. Perhaps it’ll be a promotion at work, perhaps it’ll be a relationship, or perhaps just sex with her. It doesn’t matter as long as there are people rooting for me it’s something worth sharing.

It seems I can’t help but  write posts about working here. The thing is finding a new job was key to making some improvements in my life. That included fixing my smile that had been altered by a gum disease and failed to get adequately treated.

Funny thing is that my time job hunting there was some concern more on some other people’s part that my inability to get a job offer was due to my smile. Funny thing was got a job offer in spite of my smile and on the firs day of my job was sporting a new set of front teeth.

As stated, the job I arrived at proved to be a bad fit and have since moved onto another job after only a month unemployed. Have been doing pretty good ever since and have only been happier since leaving.

Here’s hoping that by the first anniversary of this blog, I’ll have some progress as far as feeling some love. ❤


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