i’ve only written at length on two occasions about this girl i used to work with named hugs. it seems like a breakthrough to feel this great need to embrace this sweet young woman. it’s never me as the initiator let alone no woman is exactly breaking down the doors of the bastille to get that close to me.

that being said i can tell a story about various women hugging me. the first time it happened was int he 8th grade and a fellow classmate initiated the hug. and there are those who tend to be expressive and unfortunately my response to her rocking me from side to said was to complain about my back.

this young lady was an odd one. she was so darned cute but engaged in aggressive behavior with the boys such as groping them on their posterior and bulges as she had done to me. thing is about her was that this was the first time i grabbed some girl’s posterior but i only did it because she did it to me. it’s only fair i thought although i recognize that a girl may want to do it to you but may not want you to return the favor. especially important if she doesn’t like you and in which case why would she want to put her hands on you anyway.

other hugging involves family and in general i shy away from it. i have aunts who are into hugging and aren’t above forcing themselves on me to get a hug. they tend to look at me strange when i don’t hug them right. in some cases they may even try to hug me again because they weren’t feeling that last one.

i wrote about the cousin a while ago she’s not a terrible offender, but she was also not above forcing a hug herself. one time she was leaving the house and was outside of the front door and i was about to let it close and she opens it back up insisting on a hug. i didn’t want to but gave her one so she can keep going.

one time we took a daytrip to a nearby city in another state and we spent that day with our distant relatives. they were very touchy feely and more than i’d like to care for. on other times i’ve seen my distant relatives on knowing that i don’t really like hugging still insisted that i must hug her.

so to speak of my distant cousin, i still remember that one time on meeting them for the first time in their hometown. on leaving one insisted on planting a smile on my face and got right in my personal space to force a smile with her fingers. everyone laugh thinking i’d just do it to get her away from me, but i was like not funny not cool stop and it did eventually. i just met her and she felt free to do that and some other things that may cause me to not be very happy with them. that’s only my deal however.

so any now i say that i’ve used up all my hugs on a young woman i used to work with and was worth them. and i would dare say even though she had a boyfriend and know my own comfort level with her i’d want to date her. though my concern is knowing my own personality or history with women i’d be very concerned about screwing my time up with her. and i would feel very bad if she begins to develop a different personality because of her time with me.

btw, i’ve considered writing a different type of post for a while and  and perhaps it’s time to expand upon them. especially as they could relate for example to good ole Hugs. of course i could talk more about some of the women @ work.

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