1. Going down

the mind behind the unfortunate virgin male has a new blog talking about his tense relationship with his father. i wrote about my father at the end last month and now we see further stories about another man’s dad. check this out!

Descent Into Dadness

October 25, 1989

I was four years old when I saw my parents embrace for the last time.  I stood in the doorway of their room, watching Dad clumsily pat my mother on the back as she sobbed into his shoulder. Nanny had died a few days earlier and we put her in the ground that morning and covered her with earth. We stood around the grave site as “A Mother’s Love Is A Blessing” played on the radio my brother Johnny brought along. Then Nanny’s coffin was lowered into the ground on top of Grandpop’s, where he’d been lying in wait for eight years.

Mom was an orphan now.

We left the cemetery and went back home for the after-party. Typical Irish. While everybody ate and drank and laughed and cried and sang sad songs, I went into my room to deal with things in my own way: play. I…

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