honesty box

honesty-boxin connection? i mentioned that often i used honesty box to anonymously make sexual comments to women. it was something that for whatever reason at that time felt most comfortable to me. indeed for the most part, the comments were directed towards women between 18 to 28. in one cases the women were in their 30s – and her case my deal with her involved feet it seemed she took it in stride.

for example at random i wrote in young women’s boxes saying one simple thing analingus – the act of licking someone’s anal cavity. now why this occurred to me i have no idea other than just to see the reaction. most i’m sure were turned off by such an act.

in a case i recall, one young lady handled it well. at first she played being disgusted by such an idea only to turn around later and state that if a man handled his business he gets what he wants including the nasty stuff. that was such an awesome response although no idea if she was serious about that.

in some cases i mentioned that i was a virgin. me being a virgin turned off another young lady who dropped me off of her friend’s list. others however had a laugh about it for the most part and in some cases encouragement although that may also mean she may not realize that was an invitation.

btw, on this subject my favorite saying was “i’m a virgin and i want you to TAKE IT from me“.

i suppose my comfort in these types of activities just shows how uncomfortable i am with this in real life. perhaps i could never be truly comfortable talking about sex with a woman and indeed if i did i could probably go too far with it. that’s because sex is an uncomfortable subject when someone gets going on this subject i may just decide i don’t want to hear it.

another factor is that there is rarely ease on my part with regards to women i’m attracted to. i have ease with hugs and wrestling girl though for the moment not necessarily on sexual subjects, but just in general as coworkers. that being said i can only imagine being in such a situation and how i could respond to that. in fact how would both of those girls respond if they knew that i was interested.

because of changes with facebook there is no more honesty box. i have all the comments and responses archived and perhaps they’re worth sharing in the future. in the meanwhile the challenge has become breaking from this odd block where i can be at ease expressing interest in a woman.


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