We have a future…


Roughly this time last year I had finally quit my job at the cinema. Handed in my two week notice and the last day of it was never scheduled to work. So one night in the last week of October was my last day there, I was scheduled on another day however I didn’t report in. I made sure they knew I wasn’t coming in.

While this may in general mean nothing working at a job for 5 years is more than respectable especially a job with no growth at all as it turns out. Of course try as my mother had 20+ years working in downtown Chicago at a bank. For some of my young coworkers who probably already knew this was a dead end they thought I would still be there.

In fact many of those I considered friends though I was still going to be there. One dumb young lady when I said something about retired thought “retired from here?”. I looked back at her but attempted not to dignify it.

Some of the managers that I had tense relations with during my time there even wondered about where I was going. The fact that I was leaving and perhaps the coworkers I never got a long with probably had this stupid look on their faces when they found out I was leaving them behind for something better.

One evening one of my coworkers at the current job decided to make a joke about him working his last week. He says people were shocked when he said that until he revealed it was a gag. His explanation was that they don’t think of him having a future beyond this job.

When he told me this I told him about what was said about me. Many people thought I was going to still be at the cinema and then I left. At the very least though there were people in my corner rooting for me to finally make the change necessary. And the change happened.

What that means is that regardless we have a future…we all do!

Ahhhh forgot to also note that a few months after i put in my notice many of my ex-coworkers had the burning question. How did I quit? One outright thought that due to my then hatred of that place that I put my worst language to paper and turned that in. Didn’t happen thankfully and you know what who knows what would come of the future. It’s possible that I could return…


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