the wrestling girl pt. 2

You know with the Wrestling Girl I’ve basically decided not to make any sort of moves on her. Mainly because I think she does have someone. That means she won’t likely be the one whom I can just experience outside of my comfort zone.

On second thought what is my comfort zone, I’m still a virgin because I haven’t been able to get outside of my zone in order to attract a mate. That zone could include the Wrestling Girl. Still it’s funny to discuss what she sort of told me when we got off work.

So we were still in our department and we had a convo about various cheeses. She had her shoes off at one point and I commented rather sarcastically that our area smells like cheese. She shoots back a you smell like cheese and then a random convo starts from there.

Then later we go to our lockers and somehow she talks about her man guyfriend. She claims he loses things headphones, hats, wallets, things like that. I only smile and acknowledge, then she admitted she won’t even let him have keys to her place. WTF????

So I told her that’s bogus, but all she says is that knowing his history of losing things she’s concerned he’ll lose the key to her place. That just means for me that I’d better keep up with my key to her place. Of course, how do I wind up with one of those. šŸ˜›

Of course in light of that, I feel as if I know too much about her personal life. It’s funny that she tells me this info though.


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