connection? part 2

729bd-022216-3d-transparent-glass-icon-culture-religion-cross-simpleafter some time of no messaging janice has finally written back. earlier i wrote about making eye contact with a young lady (not janice) at collegiate homecoming. it turns out she was there in the festivities and missed her again. šŸ˜¦

it was noted in part one that she may have a man in her life, but for the moment who knows if that’s serious. all i can hope for is that she’ll be very serious about me in the near future. at least considering that i was unwilling to really go for it when something immediately could’ve come of it. also we carried on an online convo over months and then suddenly after attempting to say let’s go for a movie nothing.

she told me recently that she’s an ordained minister. it was something that has blown me away and causes me to question whether or not i should proceed with her. besides what i wish i could do with her wouldn’t be very christian although i realize one thing. even women of the cloth just like the men still have their desires and they want someone. that someone still has to be a good fit.

at this point, i don’t know about janice but the big picture is maintain some type of friendship with her. i may have my second chance or i may not but who knows it may help me find someone at some point. that or become a pick-up artist in my own right.


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