I’m still in touch with a young women that i met online at school. we actually only met once at the school library. beyond that we’ve had no further interactions other than online. we even text each other sometimes more her than me.

she often likes to talk about her “romantic” life. there’s always some guy who wants to sleep with her or touch her in some way. and most of the time it’s more her having interest than them suddenly wanting something to do with her.

now before you start saying she’s not interested this is purely friendship as i have no romantic interest in her. unfortunately it’s mostly a superficial thing, but it’s interesting that she comes to me for some of her man drama.

as a matter of fact she has a vague idea about this blog, thankfully no interest really in reading about the life and times of a virgin. she probably can guess my “status”, however, we generally don’t talk about it. she’s asked me flat out, but most of the time i just flat out refuse to discuss and she’s fine with it unlike others i’ve met over the years.

at times, i’ve talked about my issues with women. not knowing how to approach them or not knowing how to proceed. for example we talked about wrestling girl – whom she coined Becky. she says her and dude aren’t serious that’s her gut but me personally i still have some pause.

sometimes with nothing more than my word she’s right about some things, but sometime in me will say about these women – even if they may be interested – to leave them alone. but then if i have an attraction to a woman  how do i find a way to connect. and then be prepared for her to let you down.

well in the meanwhile i have nothing more to report other than i look at a woman, talk to a woman, and then not much more. if she’s interested, i’ll likely fail to reciprocate and the cold period continues. at this rate i’ll never connect with her. 😦


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