what if?


i shared the virgin thing, not with everyone but those i may have some interest in. the thing about living life socially is that you’re never sure who to trust with the right information. even worse someone may decide they have some information about you and could use it against you.

with that being said, the women i have met over the years online or in person there have been precious few that i could reliably talk to. the “friend” i’ve spoke to for years, however, she may only suspect my status since for the most part when she asks if i’m a virgin there have been denials on my part.

there are other women of course over the years, but the questions how would they take it. that’s my concern, it could become ammo or it could be something that she may appreciate or respect presuming that she cares about my reasoning. not the expectation that i should’ve gotten some by now.

in fact in a lot of areas i’m not where i should be at least where me in my younger years expected to be. hopefully that i’m getting close to whatever life goal i hoped to achieve.

although for now my life goal is to make a connect with a woman and that it could lead to marriage. not necessarily sex although i’m not nitpicking over that detail anymore. there was a time i wanted to wait for marriage, but that time has ended.

i had some objections to premarital sex, but no more. hell i may want it when i make that connection with a woman. hopefully it’s not something i just give up because i really don’t want to be a virgin. hopefully it’s because i developed some form of connection with that woman whether or not we are getting married or even in a legit relationship.

that being said what if i was just up front about it. of course i can pick or choose. or better yet what if i set up a personal or dating profile and use the virgin thing as my shtick. i wonder about this.


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