crazy vibe holiday plans


NOTE: pic above is not of crazy vibes but of the character crazy eyes from “orange is the new black”. an online tv program i have never watched, however, this came up in google search. i don’t know if this matches the character of crazy vibes or just fitting because of the moniker i used for her.

been a while since i’ve talked about crazy vibes – girl who works in a nearby department next to mine. you know it’s time to give her a proper name, mary.

really neither story involves me flirting with mary or anything like. she such a cute girl and very attractive but what gives me pause is what’s going on upstairs. not frightening, however, if it’s bad not sure i’d want to find out.

a few weeks ago we were getting ready for the holidays and she was served by the coworker who said i couldn’t handle her. he had another coworker in his ear and she proved to be nitpicky where he just opted out. her nitpickiness irritated him to the point where now i declare her his girlfriend. we laugh about it and sometimes it elicits a “f*ck you jack” from him.

much more recently, she broke into a convo between my supervisor and i. we were talking about the holidays and what we were going to do. i noted that my mother wanted to see James Bond. well my supervisor lets her know my potential plans for the holiday.

Mary seemed excited about James Bond and indicates she wants to see it. then talks about a nearby cinema where films are discounted on certain days if you join their membership.

now this is where it involves me. my supervisor suggested i go with her to see James Bond. to which i say, there’s something going on upstairs and not that eager to find out what it is. he says it’s very interesting, perhaps too interesting i said…

so anyway i went down to my coworker later and having had to remind him of who his girlfriend is i told him he should beat me up. he asks why and it’s because i was just talking to his girlfriend. another coworkers asks why we were being so mean. no answer really but that was another “f*ck you jack”.

probably a let down from the stalking episode involving mary, i’ll bet. lol


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