giving thanks


on thanksgiving i consider the fact that at my former job at the cinema i never got paid more to work the holidays. lately at my current employer i had the opportunity to sign up to work the holiday and possibly get double time. if i work any approved holiday i already get time & one-half.

well at the cinema holidays were often portrayed as mandatory you don’t get to decide what days you do or don’t want to work. unfortunately i got scheduled some days i didn’t want to work especially new year’s eve and the countdown at that. then i consider last year when i had no job close to christmas and i was able to enjoy both without worrying about work.

this year i signed up and didn’t get scheduled. that extra cash would’ve been cool, but i didn’t win the lottery. that just means i spent today watching James Bond with my mother as discussed in another post.

also today, i decided to link this blog to a FB account. the account is still under a pseudonym, but i would definitely be flattered if people decided to follow that account. not that it’s necessary since well people follow this blog through wordpress. but i decided it was ok to announce to the world that i’m a virgin although in my own way.

and yes the best courage is doing it under my own name. that will come in due to with the ones i really care about. indeed the ones whom i would trust with this info.


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