Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word Benefits

it’s that time of year to look at my benefits and then make a choice. one new change with my company is the addition of mental health on a trail basis. which is a good thing if one wants to talk to a counselor which is under consideration on my end.

at this point i can make a choice as far as vision and dental. well my dental needs for the most part are taken care of and i’m still paying for it although happy with the results. as far as vision it’s time for new glasses. O=O

now to be sure benefits are one reason i left the cinema and moved on to a job that provides them. i found two jobs that did took advantage of them when it became a good deal. now it’s an accomplishment to have an insurance card with one of my employers. good benefits in addition to getting better pay.

the choice isn’t that difficult, if nothing else for other insurance items it probably could go up to $40 out of my check every month. if i was just starting out it would be higher but i arrived to the point where just health insurance cost under $25.

knowing that i work somewhere that provides this feels pretty good.  in the new year, i plan to seek out more than better pay and benefits. it doesn’t matter where i am.


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