Identity word

i realized this blog may not always be focused entirely on me having a relationship (whether romantic or friendship) with a woman that will eventually lead to sex. this blog and my anonymity has allowed me to say some things that probably wouldn’t be said unless it was in a fit of anger or with people i would trust. of course even then there’s a risk to it.

lately i’ve been talking a lot about work. not a whole lot about my current job and certainly a lot of my past jobs. being anonymous is an easy way out to complain about something. especially without airing out too many details that would allow anyone to connect the dots.

either what you have read from the cinema at least has been somewhat silly in the grand scheme of things. it wasn’t that serious but it became serious because they were directed at me and gotten management involved.

all the same, i’ve decided to still talk about work topics. and also it’s really time to talk about what i need to do to find a meaningful relationship with women. what has been my issue up to this point. hopefully i can figure this out soon.

it would truly make my day if she comes around unexpectedly and i know exactly what to do to keep her.



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