Joyeux anniversaire


My birthday had passed recently and essentially I didn’t think about it until one of my coworkers asked what day it was. not sure why it slipped my mind like that but it came back to me quickly.

later before i left work becky bought be a cupcake not long after she came to work. she realized it was my birthday as it was posted to my fb account. she had someone in another department put writing on my cupcake.

that someone is mary. yeah unfortunately i talk about her on this blog a lot accusing her of “stalking” and wondering what’s going on upstairs in her mind. i’ve already talked about those “crazy vibes” from her. on realizing that she was responsible for the lettering i hugged her, just went over to her area asked and she obliged.

for the record becky is a hugger and for the cupcake she got one too.i was real tempted to say i really wanted to steal something else but thought better of it. really thoughtful of her to think of that.

so today a pair of anything from professional courtesies or friendly courtesies, whatever, cool thing she did. unfortunately before i got home to eat the cupcake the lettering smearing off posted the results on instagram. and then went home to chill for the rest of the day.


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