honesty box virgin invitation

youre_invited_wthis is something i conceived of as a protected post. this time it will be left public. one of those honesty box messages i wanted to share but kept coming up with other topics such as work. perhaps now is a good time to share this anonymous virgin message to some young woman years ago.

you said,
ok i’m a virgin lol

they said,
more power to you! save it til she’s worth it!

you said,
well i do wish she was you 😉

You know, I never seemed to be able to get a full-blown convo out of this young lady. However as a busy woman she gave me her cell number one time when i contacted her because she was in town. never “linked” with her sadly. this young lady is a cutie pie though and seemingly ambitious with her life. how could i ever connect with her? 😦

btw, in all the years i would randomly talk to her on fb she never once wrote on my wall although i often did for her birthday. it surprised me and was so random it excited me somehow. although i’m just some guy on facebook who talks to random women online.

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