another milestone


everything has an anniversary here…

my two week notice at the theater. my birthday. and then of course my firing which just passed this month. in fact it occurred exactly two days before my birthday.

the interview for my current job in retail was the day after the firing. me and my current manager played phone tag which i attributed to my work hours at the bank until i finally just called him. got screened then got an interview for that saturday.

i set interview time hours after the shift i’d have been working at the bank on saturday. so i talked to him on a thursday and then got fired from the bank on a friday. which means my original plan got thrown out of the window, however, i had plenty of time to chill before the interview on saturday evening.

this interview was for a soon to open new store and they needed to fill some positions – see this is how i got the job at the cinema years ago. so basically i met with my soon to be new manager at the regional offices and it seemed to be after hours everything was closed and i was quite confused. i got off the elevator and then thought how the hell do i get into this place because no one was there.

what i had little idea about was the person with whom i spoke was on his way to the bathroom so i stopped him. so he said he’d check out some things and it turned out that well i needed to speak to him. so the interview went well enough and he said he would have me speak to another manager in the customer service department.

at that point i thought  a customer service position was a better fit for me. what i was being interviewed for involved food, not very keen on that but in the new year that’s where i was going. the other interviews with customer service and another department didn’t lead to a job offer. my current supervisor liked my attitude best and offered me a job on his team.

now if i may set up the situation at the time. i had left a job that was frustrating, then got fired from a job that was frustrating, interviewed for another job a day after my own firing, then in the new year found myself with a better job.

in looking for a job i was looking for growth, better pay and benefits. well growth is something i have to foster but at least i have better pay and benefits. oh yeah and i forget about paid vacations as well. 🙂

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