where does this blog fit?

another identity crisis: what kind of blog is this supposed to be.

of course this is a virginity blog but could it fall under dating/relationships?

this could also fall under sex. i could spend a lot of time talking about sex. there are posts about porn here, however, how much can i talk about sex when i’m not getting any.

at times this is as much a life blog because i talk about work. not sure how much i’ll talk about family as so far i’ve talked about my dad and one of my cousins. i also talk about abstaining from sex and alcohol.

i may even talk about the hobbies i want to take up. perhaps one day i may take up improv. perhaps i’ll find something else to take up in addition to that. who knows.

either way, i’ve seen nothing more than a handful of male virgin blogs out there. the question is where does this genre of blogging fit in the grand scheme of the bloggosphere?


One thought on “where does this blog fit?

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