dwelli feel like dwelling is an important part of my nature. mostly i might dwell on past situations (i.e. sh*tplace) or perhaps the women i’ve met and liked. in fact i’ve dwelled on work a lot here.

funny thing is i never really dwelled on what happened at the bank other than saying quick things such as tardies and mistakes. then again i didn’t have enough time to really dwell on those mistakes that were made. at the movie theater i had five years.

i could dwell on the women i have met so far during the past year. a precious few i have liked and unfortunately not courageous enough to pick my spot. i’ve also dwelled on the women of the past. perhaps something could’ve been done differently and i’d have more experience in relationships.

i could also dwell on interviews i’ve had. for example until i finally found another job and left my long time job at the theater i dwelled on an interview at another theater which would’ve seen me in a management role. after a promising interview it ultimately fell flat and as it turns out in the long run it was only a blessing in disguise.

often i dwell on some situations at work. candace is one situation although not as serious as others. it’s something i often discuss although vaguely and hopefully not often. it often involves people who’s only purpose was to stir something up for that moment with no real meaning. even better they probably have forgotten and i’m nothing more than a non-factor in their lives.

perhaps there isn’t much to change about me dwelling other than forcing myself to forget about what happened and why it happened. the main step is to consider the future as it looks much more brighter at this point.

BTW, i’ve written draft posts in the past about situations i’ve dwelled on. these ocurred years ago and many of the players have since moved on. when i think about them, talk about them, or in this case write about them i get upset all over again. bottom line those episodes are over with and done and again the players have moved on and probably acquired other targets as it were. hopefully such posts will never been seen here again.


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