lately on fb i’ve been talking to the various women who are friends with me. mainly women who went to college where i went to college and some of them i maintain some type of inconsistent contact – including janice.

one young lady strikes me as most interesting who we’ll call carina. our connection on fb was somewhat uneasy years ago, i compliment her based up a profile pic she sent me a message back asking if she knows me. i reply honestly sent her a friend request and we’ve been fb friends ever since.

she seems to have quite a list of accomplishments in addition to being an sga president she’s also a corporate manager. i used to really maintain some type of consistent contact through my favorite anonymous app honesty box. she found me out around the time it was being phased out and how it happened was through something as innocuous as asking if she’s with someone.

regardless at some point she found herself single when she announced to the world that she’s no longer engaged. at that point i sent a quick message saying i hope all is well and no response. her status indicated some drama, but then when engagements are broken there is drama.

there is evidence that she has a boyfriend now and may be serious all the sudden however she’s responding to my messages. we have a string of messages within a short time frame even if she’s busy with work and all that.

it leads to some questions, is she really serious with this beau? also is she just being nice and personable to a guy she only knows through the internet? and thanks to my knowledge of her recent relationship history am i walking into some drama?


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