over time this blog just as easily has become about some of the temperamental people at a place i used to call sh*tplace. all the people with whom i conflicted with should simply just all blend in together with no real standouts.

to be sure, though my own temperament has at times only exacerbated some of these conflicts. at the same time some of them had the pyschology that they did and only made worse by their willingness to simply respond. or in my case i had to respond when i didn’t have to.

all the same, this year needs to be a lot more positive. i say this a lot, but this year my resolution is to put all that behind me as that’s where it all belongs. as i’ve stated in an earlier post those individuals aren’t part of my future.

as of now i’m in the next stage of creating my future. the path towards it will prove to be unnerving and exciting, however, it’s necessary.

if forcing myself to let go allows me to do better then that is what needs to be done. if anyone has a problem with me for whatever reason they’ve created in their minds then that’s on them. i can no longer allow them to affect me in some adverse way.

happy new years.


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