honesty box digits


Here’s another good one from my days fooling around in the honesty box. Actually got a girl’s number although not sure if it was real. I’ll explain.

you said,
I\’d like to work at being a friend of yours.

they said,
Sounds good to me! What would that take?

you said,
A phone number could start. 😛

they said,
oh really…I wanna know who you are though!!! Boo.

you said,
You will, I hope! Of course I know that I’ll have to make myself known. Still I hope that when I do, I’ll have your #. 😛

they said,
You can have it…name first…

you said,
I think I’m ready now! 🙂

they said,
Name please.  Last time asking 😛

you said,
I think I gave you a name. lol

they said,

I never called this number. Ultimately this young lady would become a married woman although I have at times wanted to reach out to her. The unfortunate thing is if there was an opportunity here I didn’t take it. 😦

Also I know she’s been married for a while I also discovered she’s with child. Congrats to her still boo-hoo for me because I never took my shot.


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