Rebound in 2015 


So to set this up I had lost my job at a bank the previous month. I don’t plan to elaborate further other than to attribute my firing to both attendance and job performance. The day after my firing I interviewed for my current job.

A week after my interview with my now current boss he set me up to interview for a position on the front end as that was my interest at that time. While I didn’t get it I had one more interview with another department before I finally nailed the current job.

Basically shortly before the new year my future manager emailed me to meet him at the new store. Not entirely an enigmatic message but it was certainly going to be the job offer coming.

It was a cold January morning so for the first time in almost a month I had to rouse myself out of bed early to get to the soon to open store. My manager indicated that he was ready to hire me but only after I interviewed with another department. When that happened it was time to talk about the job offer.

Basically he said he liked my attitude. You couldn’t have told me that at sh*tplace or even the bank. Regardless somehow I was able to talk myself into a role at this soon to open store which has treated me very well so far.

So after this would be new hire paperwork which meant that I’d be on the clock at that point. And then to start orientation and both of which meant I had to rouse myself out of bed once again to handle this new job business.

It was only for a short time but I was starting to like the idea again of going to bed and waking up when I wanted. 😛


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