an old friend

ran into a friend at work a few days ago. he’s a bit of a goofball like me and apparently noted that he’s had more success than i do with the ladies. there was a time we were very similar and now i think very different.

we could almost be brothers and i had considered him my best friend still do in some respects. although to be sure we’ve at several points diverged from each other over the years.

for example he was more gainfully employed than i was during our 20s. he had dreams of going into entertainment and is an artist – in his youth he was always seen sketching. i attempted to pattern my sketching after his with odd results.

when i ran into him again in high school – we diverged first in the 6th grade – he became interested in screenplays and was an ardent fan of “reservoir dogs” and “pulp fiction”. he may still do sketching but his interests changed and now we can talk movies.

after sophmore year of high school we diverged again when he transferred and then he started working at a public library in downtown chicago where he also attended college. at one point we attended the same college although when we graduated from our respective high schools we started at different schools.

unlike him not only did i stay the course with schooling i went away to school and finished. so that’s one check in my book as much as he can have the check as far as being gainfully employed during his 20s. that also meant that he probably had far more success with women than i did.

now i understand that the public library had their issues and he got laid off at one point. when i finally finished my bachelors it was time to finally make my appearance in the workforce and for good – during my 20s i mostly had part-time or temp jobs.

while he remained and alternately laid off at the library i started working at the movie theater making minimum wage and remained there for almost five years. he even talked about how he wished he worked at the show and movies had been one of his interests. although working at a public library is a very respectable living.

then i moved on from the theater to a bank and then back to retail where i have started finally making some real cheese. at this point i make more than him and not sure if he is even full-time. his pay is close to mine although it hits me that he’s now making the current minimum.

the other day he noticed i have muscles – i called it fat lol. i tell him at this point i work two jobs with one at $12/hr and the other at $10/hr – the second job at another movie theater. now i’m mr. two jobs making more money…

in the meanwhile he is ahead of me again attempting to leave home and eventually have his own pad on the north side. a laudable goal and something that i’m surely but slowly working toward myself. it’s past time probably for the both of us.

in the meanwhile as he discusses the period of time he hasn’t gotten laid, i still talk about happily ever after with her. that fabled woman that i hope will be the one i marry and have a family. *crosses fingers*


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