i talk a lot about work, but never about going to school which took up a lot of my time in my 20s. i graduated from an expensive liberal arts school in georgia. it took me some time to finally graduate even after attending a community college for a brief period of time.

as a result of very little financial planning of any kind for school i have significant student loan debt. it’s something that unfortunately i never had a plan to pay off at least with a high paying job that i never prepared myself for. while thankfully i found a job that provides benefits and better pay than at the movie theater it’s still not where i’d feel comfortable paying off my student loans.

regardless i finally graduated with a BA after to be honest almost being kicked out twice for academic performance. it was a triumph after it hadn’t been going well for a while.

to be sure this period never went the way i wanted it to. at one point thanks to money i was forced to leave. then figuring out college financing i was able to return although with more student loans.

another thing that didn’t go the way i had wanted it was my relations with women. i thought i’d find her away at school where my school had an all-girls campus next door and hoped one of them would look my way. well i told briefly one story about that – involving my cousin – and how it went down.

for the most part i used social networking as it evolved during that period of time to approach women. unfortunately it couldn’t be described as a rousing success for me although even today i maintain some online connection to these women.

well i accomplished in small ways two main things in my life graduating from a prestigious liberal arts college and changing from a minimum wage job to a higher wage job. one thing i have failed to do is accomplishing a long-term relationship with her.



4 thoughts on “background

  1. I won’t hit the Like on this, because I don’t like it. I do relate. I mean I’ve had like 15 sexual partners but women were always difficult fir be to start around for any decent amount of time until just recently and really, I’m still weird with it. I’m 43.

    I know you didn’t ask for any coaching. .. so I’m not going to give any. I’m interested in lending whatever experience I have. We gotta help each other out. You’re not alone.

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      • The giving of the background is good. I just didn’t like that it ended still with the lack of relationship, which is I guess what your blog is all about.

        I know you talk about a long term relationship, but how are you doing in pain ol dating, as in getting used to interacting with women not as friends? I guess I should refresh my memories and re read your blogs. Having sex and a committed relationship ate 2 separate things

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