two week notice


you may recognize the title of this post. it was written near the end of last year and then took it down. now i rewrite it the last few weeks at my former job with a movie theater – although i have since returned to this business although a different company. it was the most highly anticipate moment and it took me some time before it happened. perhaps one day i’ll tell more stories about the prolonged job hunt while there.

now to be sure, often i talk sh*t about this place and often indicated how bad i thought it was. my issues were at times with both managers and coworkers. especially the ones who were about creating drama and how often i seemed to have walked into it in spite of my attempts to stay away. all the same the drama with anyone ended essentially the moment i put in my two weeks at the suggestion – perhaps mandatory – of one of my managers after i told him i’m quitting.

i told a precious few of my coworkers about my plan to leave. and i told them that i got a job offer, and i finally found one after so much time. it was time to prepare for the ill-fated job at the bank. i was doing new hire things for the bank while i finished off my time at the soon to be former job.

what was it new hire paperwork, fingerprints, background checks, and even oh my God a drug test. a lot of things to fit in before it was time to start the new job.

in the meanwhile time for the victory lap. many of the managers who i felt talked sh*t about me looking for reasons to just write me up or get me in trouble were curious about the fact that i was leaving. they may not have wanted me to stay themselves, but they wanted to know where i was going. i found it really funny…

the scheduling manager was giving me the speech outside of the concession stand about how i was leaving them. i was tempted to give the rundown about why i was leaving and how bad this place was. the manager giggling said don’t say it…

btw, one of the managers was leaving roughly during the same period of time i was. she suggested she’d want to work at a bank and i’d be like i won’t recommend you. while she was a piece of work during most of my time there she was probably miserable too hence she was often the way she was. she found her way out and surely many breathed a sigh of relief when she left.

either way a few of the managers continued to speak about my impending departure with many of them saying “i don’t believe it”. bottom line was that it’s been time to do something more make more money, get some benefits, and more.

the last day i worked people were speaking about it, i was saying my last good byes. shared stares with those coworkers who for whatever reason didn’t care much for me. i barely did any work that night.

so either way at the end of the night shook hands and said my final good byes to everyone. including one of the security guards i knew. next thing i knew off to the bank i went.


to move up


i asked my manager the other day for a survey regarding a transfer to two new local outposts for the store. it’s something i had considered somewhat strongly when i started what if i moved on to another opening store and even better since i knew they were coming. it would be an interesting challenge to see them develop.

all the same i thought in terms of possibly moving up. am i happy where i am job wise, yes. it would be great to move up where i am now, however, it could happen faster if i moved to another location. that would be fine with me and i’d laugh if it was possible to move back to the place i started.

it seems with me every two years since starting my old job at the movie theater, I’ve had opportunities to make manager or at least somewhere on the supervisory level. i could’ve been a “team lead” at the movie theater and never happened before learning later that they eliminated the position. it didn’t seem like a difficult job anyway as we were leaders just under supervisor, however, not the level and less duties. in fact many of the ones who did take on this position ultimately quit the theater near the end of the first year.

two years later i was put on for a management position at a movie theater which was locally owned closer to my house. there had been some drama – unknown to me when i applied and known in the news afterwards – which let me know that i may have dodged a bullet. this was the first of many rejections that i had dwelled on until i finally started at the bank two years later.

funny thing is two years after that i had the opportunity to do a management position at yet another movie theater – a national chain. this was shortly before getting a job offer from the bank. so while i didn’t get the position ultimately it’s a learning experience and it was great to have had the opportunity to do something else if there was ever something i want to do.

let’s see if these opportunities come around for me this year. remember at this point i have two jobs so it may be possible i can be up for promotions at both jobs. especially at a new store.

excuse me if i cross my fingers at least for this year.


respecta week or so ago i learned one of my supervisors was let go after an investigation. he had something of a mouth but pretty sure he knew when to cool off as necessary. either way whatever happened with those who reported him anonymously they probably saw what i saw and went with it.

as a result we had to go through what they call harassment training. my current job takes respect issues seriously. more so than some of my previous jobs even though if you mess up enough times the management may decide to take action though hopefully not in the way some managers i’ve worked with in the past might have. so far my management has been outstanding.

with that being said this was my excuse to talk about becky. i hadn’t really talked about her in a while and for quite some time it seemed she was on the verge of quitting. it may still happen but it seemed she wasn’t so happy there. our store’s sales hasn’t been very good in a while and we lost some hours. another good thing about this job is that there is some form of transparency you know when hour cuts are going to happen. if it happened at other jobs it’s like i’d be sleep as in had no clue until it happened.

either way one morning becky and i worked – now this could be a respect issue although it was a bit of a joke – she wanted me to look at her shoes. jokingly i said at work “you want me to look at your feet?” then we talk about work shoes the ones she had to replace because they started to look busted. also the yearly allowance we get to order more. and the fact that some of our coworkers choose to wear non-slip covers instead of taking advantage of the allowance.

with this being said, if only becky knew what i was thinking upstairs. one of the respect issues – or more accurate harassment – is outright leering or checking out. it doesn’t take much for anyone to feel uncomfortable and believe me there are a few situations in my short work experience where i felt this way. i’m learning now to be much wiser about it and also if it’s being directed towards me by anyone i don’t have to take it.


the pick up


i talk sometimes about the art of the pick-up. i’ve had friends over the years try to have me talk to a random woman because they decided it was something i needed to do. at sometimes it just plain wasn’t what i wanted to do so it didn’t happen. that friend would talk about me and suggest something was wrong.

something was wrong, i’m just not comfortable with doing that. it seems i can do it easily with women online just have to come up with something clever to say or just type a compliment. only thing i’ve learned is that some women tend not to respond because they use the excuses of they don’t know me for example.

it’s also a conclusion that women seem to go for men they know or met in real life. some random guy trying to relate to them online in general it seems very easy to cut off. perhaps it’s even easy to cut off a guy who even though they met in real life before if there’s nothing there she can still treat a man as an afterthought.

at times i’ve discussed women i work with. there are quite a few whom i would date at my current job as there are a number of them who would catch my interest. unfortunately even if there were moments where i felt as if i could it’s still uncomfortable. and then of course no matter where you are as far as a job dating could still be a dangerous thing.

i can recognize now that sometimes there’s a delicate balance between maintaining a woman’s interest and sharing a little too much too soon. i realize it doesn’t take long before a woman may come up with any excuse to cut things off. it’s also possible that it wasn’t meant to be anyway.

this could apply to those women whom i connected with online in addition to those i may choose to “pick-up” in real life. another real life thing is also i seem to have a history of not responding very well to rather aggressive women. i’m sure it’s the same for women who don’t like rather aggressive men.

as much as i wish a woman would fall in my lap and or notice me i’ve got an odd catch-22. the women who would make the approach i may not respond well to them and the women i approach may have decided for whatever reason i’m not what they want.

trying again, i suppose

happy-valentines-day-2014i sent my favorite ordained minister friend janice a quick message last month. she’s a member of a sorority and noted that she’s the only friend i have in that sorority. her message indicated that she liked that unfortunately my follow-up didn’t elicit an immediate response.

then valentine’s day came around – i noted my one facebook adventure with that – i decided to wish her a happy valentines and then followed up with asking about plans. i also noted my conclusions with some of the ones i asked often it was they had schoolwork or no plans. in janice’s case a girl’s night out which she acknowleged in the affirmative with a one word answer.

later i asked her if she saw any movies lately. basically just connecting with something i know she enjoys doing apparently. i’m going back to my “breakthrough” with her we like to go to the show.

well i’m trying to figure the no pressure thing not just with janice or any other young lady connected with from college or any other time. i’m also attempting to figure this out with women in general. no pressure let things develop and then hopefully will unexpectedly reach a goal.

sadly it took me a long time to finally realize this.

facebooking on valentine’s day


in all the years i used fb to connect with women mainly those who went to school in the same area i had it occurred to me to use it on valentine’s day for one main purpose. three women i have engaged in conversations let out that they had no valentine plans. in one case they noted that they needed to go to library and do some babysitting – she’s definitely a little old for that.

some have social lives and perhaps some may have someone. in other cases no answer really so it possibly is a case of none of your business stranger. bottom line some of the women on fb that i’ve connected with somehow years ago don’t always have something going on. that’s only for reasons they know.

one problem with this, many of these women don’t live anywhere near me. my chances were at school and after one bad experience i wouldn’t take another one. now it’s probably hard and only because these women have far more options.

as for me i can treat this as an exercise. let’s say i have something of an extended conversation with these women online the thing i have to figure out is how to steer it in my direction where she’d be interested in meeting me. perhaps not as a date, certainly as meeting a new friend. then hopefully a lot more than that, but what happens will happen.

to meet someone organically

we’re in that period when people have to give up something for a month. it could be smoking, drinking, anything. then i read this story about how a man met his wife.

what happened was that according to him he was fasting from dating. then she appeared and there were many connections such as being from the same state with the same mentality in addition to both being christian. it seems they were destined to being together.

the man wasn’t looking for her and then she arrives on the scene they became good friends. then she was about to join the peace corp only for it to work out. he doesn’t know that yet but he was like wait i really like you and want you to stay around. it was meant to be for them to actually be together.

it’s a good story i wanted to share. perfect for valentine’s day and hopefully inspiration for those of you who are seeking as i am. and also recognize, sometimes it just happens out of nowhere things like this. if you seek out love it seemingly hard.