not her but i can only wish it was.

yeah until recently no one else caught on to this style i’ve adopted which. what is this her? why is her italicized? what is its significance?

the only significance is that she would be the one for me. only thing is how will i know it’s her. perhaps that will only happen i become the him for her.

her could’ve been this strange woman who i met on the train one late night and i wasn’t at ease. she was not what i was looking for. she wanted a random convo about women who look at men for the money they make and only chase them away. i really wasn’t interested and when she started asking questions about last relationships or my name i gave a cover story and a fake name. my phone number was real she called it right there to key me in and i made sure to block her number when i got home.

perhaps i missed the one for me, but this person didn’t make me feel at ease and wasn’t what i wanted to attract. i decided to be nice instead of rude to this woman although i really didn’t show too much interest.

either way the woman you see isn’t a representation of her. she’s just eye candy that hopefully any man could salivate over. perhaps the woman i’m looking for won’t be so eager to model as this woman had.

either way this is something of a further explanation of my rationale for that style. i’m still looking for her, but for the purposes of this blog it’s as much being that guy she wants. not the other way around.


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