on fb, i’ve been talking to this young woman who also went to the all girl’s college next to mine (just like janice, carina, & nicole). ok let’s give her a name jennifer. she’s one of the many i’ve connected with over the years online although sadly no time or anything to develop. well some of that is on me as much as on her.

regardless sometimes i go through her fb profile and noticed some things. she’s not necessarily obese, however, she is clearly a big girl height wise or weight wise. looking back through that convo we talked about her taking up an exotic sport that is popular outside of the US. it’s apparently helping her lose some weight but otherwise she could be someone i was interested.

we’ve been talking about a number of things such as my time in school, when i graduated, her goals, her hometown – and mine. we talked about a locally owned popcorn store that moved to the town where our respective colleges are located. we talked about our respective majors.

i never told her that i work in retail, however, she noted that she is getting a PhD in a STEM field. exactly what i hope to find a smart and educated woman. the question is is she for me and i have one potential answer to discuss with that.

btw, she noted she had been in my part of the country for a conference presumably for her field. i’m so tempted to say next time she’s up here to “holla” at me. although the point where i should’ve said that has passed up. not sure when i should insert that.

for the record i do like a beautiful, shapely, & voluptuous woman. If she’s got the right curves in the right places then i can be attracted to her physically. the question becomes whether or not she’s attracted to me. and whether or not she’s got some other things her than her physical attributes that would attract me.


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