Some way some how I found this blog called Virgo. It’s about a male virgin in fact he shows his face which makes him brave. Unfortunately he stopped posting about 14 months ago.

With that being said if he shows his face what does this tell you? He’s probably sure about his reasoning for discussing and/or maintaining his virginity. In part, his reasons are also my reasons – though not necessarily over not adding to the statistics of single-parent households.

I had little desire – even if I aspire to have a family of my own – to sire children before I was ready. At this point I’m not sure about being ready but closer than I had been previously.

Now for all we know while he may have never had sex – and who knows that may have changed by now –  he may have far more success with women. We have no idea if he’s socially awkward or he may be a hit with the women in general. There are women out there willing to give it up to him if he wanted.

Alas he’s never finished telling us his story. For those of you who are also male virgins who can relate to him as I can somewhat he started off very well. He has my respect as a virgin. Here’s hoping wherever he is right now that he’s happy with his own status and life.

While there isn’t an easy way to get in touch with him perhaps some of you can send his blog some “love” anyway.


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