facebooking on valentine’s day


in all the years i used fb to connect with women mainly those who went to school in the same area i had it occurred to me to use it on valentine’s day for one main purpose. three women i have engaged in conversations let out that they had no valentine plans. in one case they noted that they needed to go to library and do some babysitting – she’s definitely a little old for that.

some have social lives and perhaps some may have someone. in other cases no answer really so it possibly is a case of none of your business stranger. bottom line some of the women on fb that i’ve connected with somehow years ago don’t always have something going on. that’s only for reasons they know.

one problem with this, many of these women don’t live anywhere near me. my chances were at school and after one bad experience i wouldn’t take another one. now it’s probably hard and only because these women have far more options.

as for me i can treat this as an exercise. let’s say i have something of an extended conversation with these women online the thing i have to figure out is how to steer it in my direction where she’d be interested in meeting me. perhaps not as a date, certainly as meeting a new friend. then hopefully a lot more than that, but what happens will happen.


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