trying again, i suppose

happy-valentines-day-2014i sent my favorite ordained minister friend janice a quick message last month. she’s a member of a sorority and noted that she’s the only friend i have in that sorority. her message indicated that she liked that unfortunately my follow-up didn’t elicit an immediate response.

then valentine’s day came around – i noted my one facebook adventure with that – i decided to wish her a happy valentines and then followed up with asking about plans. i also noted my conclusions with some of the ones i asked often it was they had schoolwork or no plans. in janice’s case a girl’s night out which she acknowleged in the affirmative with a one word answer.

later i asked her if she saw any movies lately. basically just connecting with something i know she enjoys doing apparently. i’m going back to my “breakthrough” with her we like to go to the show.

well i’m trying to figure the no pressure thing not just with janice or any other young lady connected with from college or any other time. i’m also attempting to figure this out with women in general. no pressure let things develop and then hopefully will unexpectedly reach a goal.

sadly it took me a long time to finally realize this.


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